Kick off your next Europe trip with Rick Steves


Just about any guidebook series will cover Europe…but none of them know Europe the way Rick Steves does. Giving people the tools they need to be smart travelers is Rick’s passion, and his guides help travelers see Europe with a minimum of “tourist trap” and a maximum of local flavor.

If you’ve never been to Europe before (or if it’s been a very long time), start with his classic on how to travel in Europe, Europe Through the Back Door.  Updated annually, this guide tells you everything you need to know about how to get there and how to get around; finding places to stay and eat; and how to make the best use of your time, without getting skin’t. (Unlike the backpacker guides, it’s not just about penny-pinching; it’s about knowing how things work so you avoid spending time and money needlessly, leaving you more for the things you’re there to enjoy.)

Rick’s detailed country and city guides tell you what’s underappreciated and what’s overrated; give you succinct and thoughtful walking and museum tours; and fill you in on local favorites, including smaller hotels and restaurants. And don’t overlook his phrasebooks and background guides like Europe 101–they’ll take you beyond the treadmill of cathedrals and museums and turn seeing into understanding.


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