The Railway Anthology compiled by Deborah Manley

TheRailwayAnthologyThe Railway Anthology compiled by Deborah Manley

Following the success of her Walker’s Anthology, Deborah Manley has applied the same formula to the subject of railways and journeys by train, drawing on the writings of more than 50 literary figures from around the world Bill Bryson, Agatha Christie, William Dalrymple, Peter Fleming, Kenneth Grahame, Rudyard Kipling, Eric Newby, Christopher Portway, Paul Theroux, Colin Thubron and Mark Tully among many others. Brief biographies of all the writers quoted are included.”

After The Dance by Edwidge Danticat

After the DanceAfter The Dance by Edwidge Danticat

As a child, acclaimed author Edwidge Danticat was terrified by Carnival festivities until 2002, when she returned home to Haiti determined to understand the lure of this famed event. Here she chronicles her journey to the coastal town of Jacmel, where she met with the performers, artists, and organizers who re-create the myths and legends that bring the festival to life. In the process, Danticat traces the heroic and tragic history of the island, from French colonists and Haitian revolutionaries to American invaders and home-grown dictators. Part travelogue, part memoir, part historical analysis, this is the deeply personal story of a writer rediscovering her country, along with a part of herself and a wonderful introduction to Haiti s southern coast and to the beauty and passions of Carnival.”

Eating Vietnam by Graham Holliday

Eating VietnamEating Vietnam by Graham Holliday

A journalist takes us on a colorful and spicy gastronomic tour through Viet Nam in this entertaining, offbeat travel memoir

Growing up in a small town in central England, Graham Holliday wasn’t keen on travel. But in his early twenties, he saw a picture of Ha Nội that sparked his curiosity and propelled him halfway across the globe. Graham didn’t want to be just a tourist in a foreign country, though; he was determined to live in it. An ordinary guy who liked trying interesting food, he moved to the capital city and embarked on a quest to find real Vietnamese food. In Eating Việt Nam, he chronicles his odyssey in this enticing, unfamiliar land infused with sublime smells and tastes.

Traveling through the back alleys and across the boulevards of Ha Nội–where home cooks set up grills and stripped-down stands serve sumptuous fare on blue plastic furniture–he risked dysentery, giardia, and diarrhea to discover a culinary treasure trove that was truly unique. Graham shares every bite of the extraordinary fresh dishes–pungent and bursting with flavor–that he came to love in Ha Nội, Sai Gon, and the countryside. Here, too, are the remarkable people who became a part of his new life, including his wife, Sophie.

Funny, charming, and always delicious, Eating Việt Nam will inspire armchair travelers, those with curious palates, and everyone itching for a taste of adventure.