Rendezvous Tahiti by William Stephan

Rendezvous TrailRendezvous Tahiti by William Stephan

Rendezvous Tahiti is a true story of love, life, death, and redemption. It takes place during the era of the Vietnam war. A young soldier returns from the war unscathed, or so he thought. He finds the country very different from when he left. Returning troops are spit upon and Americans burn American flags. In his quest for employment in this hostile environment he finds, by an incredible twist of fate, an opportunity that will change his life forever. The author invites you to go along on the incredible adventure that follows.

William Stephan’s Rendezvous in Tahiti is memoir and adventure story, natural history and romance all rolled into a single page-turner of a book. I found myself alternately enthralled by his descriptions of the places he visited as an International Tour Director and moved by his experiences as a Vietnam vet finding his way in a changed and changing world. A highly enjoyable read. Alison McGhee, New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize nominee–William Stephan”

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