Traveling the world detail

Travelling the World with MS…: …in a Wheelchair

Traveling the World with MSTravelling the World with MS…: …in a Wheelchair by Linda MCGowan

Since her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in 1983, Linda McGowan has tenaciously pursued her dream of travelling the globe. From viewing the top of the world from a basket on the back of a porter at the Annapurna base camp in Nepal, to hob-knobbing with emperor penguins at the end of the world on the Falkland Islands, Linda describes in vivid detail her exploits and colourful encounters while travelling through vastly different countries. Using creativity, patience and an open-mind, Linda shows how she conquered unique challenges and enjoyed a plethora of wondrous sights, people, foods and experiences, all from the apparent vulnerability of her wheelchair.

“Linda’s story debunks an important societal myth — that life ends with disability. Linda not only lives with progressive multiple sclerosis, but thrives with it as a world traveller, disability activist, and superb raconteur.”–Tiffany Regaudie “Senior Cooordinator, Communications, MS Society of Canada ”

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