Higher: 100 Years of Boeing

Higher 100 years of BoeingHigher: 100 Years of Boeing by Russ Banham

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Over the course of a century, the Boeing Company has grown from a small outfit operating out of a converted boathouse producing a single pontoon plane made from canvas and wood into the world’s largest aerospace company. The thrilling story of the celebrated organization is one filled with ambition, ingenuity, and a passion to exceed expectations. Higher 2 In this lavishly illustrated book, published to coincide with Boeing’s 100th anniversary, Pulitzer Prize nominated author Russ Banham recounts the tale of a company and an industry like no other one that has put men on the moon, defended the free world, and changed the way we live.”

Higher 3“HIGHER ably commemorates Boeing’s enduring achievement, gliding nimbly through its triumphs of design, engineering and manufacture and, not least, its memorable contributions to wars won.”
-The Wall Street Journal”

a lavishly illustrated and meticulously researched overview of the aerospace giant’s first century.”
-Aviation Week


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