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  April / May Events

Monday, April 3 — Remote Tribes on Siberut Island, Flores Island and Komodo Island

After 5 days of travel, adventurer Pierre Odier reached the remote village on Siberut Island where the Mentawai tribe lives, deep in the forest. Of approximately 6,000 Mentawai people still living in Indonesia, only about 2,000 still follow their traditional way of life. This authentic traditional way of life is precisely what Pierre was seeking to find, and after living among them for 10 days can now share with a global audience part of a culture that managed to flee the encroaching foreigner civilization and remain true to their old traditional way of life.

Monday, April 10 — “Tree of Life: Turkish Home Cooking”

Author Angie Brenner will present her newly released cookbook, Tree of Life — Turkish Home Cooking. Inspired by Turkish travels from their memoir, Anatolian Days and Nights, a Love Affair with Turkey, Land of Dervishes, Goddesses and Saints, authors Angie Brenner and Joy E. Stocke bring together community and culture into home kitchens. Featuring more than 100 accessible and delicious recipes, Tree of Life also tells a larger story about culture, immigrants, traders, and the domestication of such ingredients as chickpeas, wheat and pomegranates, and the spices that have found their way into our pantry.

Monday, April 17– Cuba: Travel on your Own

World Traveler Angel Castellanos recently traveled to Cuba, legally and independently as an American. With the fast changing rules and pent up demand from American travelers, this talk will inform and inspire all travelers to travel smart in Cuba. You’ll soon be able to salsa your way throughout this fascinating and diverse island without worry or hassle.

In this travel talk, Angel Castellanos describes Cuba top stops — Havana, colonial Trinidad, Santa Clara, historic Remedios, National Park Topes de Collantes and more — and shares his practical travel smart skills (packing, gear, eating, sleeping, transportation and traveling like a local)

Monday, April 24 — Europe by Rail

Explore the ins and outs of traveling through Europe by train with Susan Hickman of Distant Lands. Get advice on planning a rail itinerary, choosing between traveling with a pass or with individual tickets, what to expect from Europe’s wide variety of train companies and more.

Monday, May 8 —  “We’re Outta Here: On the Road with the Family in South America”

Children don’t have to end your dreams of adventure travel. They can jump-start them! Hilary MacGregor talks about how she and her husband, two L.A. writers, pulled their kids out of school and headed to South America for a 10-week odyssey. Learn where they went, what they did, and how to do it yourself.

Monday, May 15 — “San Miguel de Allende”

Alejandro Alia will bring a fully updated view of San Miguel Allende, Mexico’s famed colonial resort, ranked as one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations. He will also review San Miguel’s ascendance as an important wine producing region, home of many lovely wineries and vineyards.

Alejandro Alia is an experienced traveler/journalist, and founder of Finisterre, a new showcase focused on unique tourist destinations.