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Norway in a Nutshell: The best one-day look at fjords

Norway in a nutshell 1Big scenery, small towns and a relaxing way to see it all, this is, “Norway in a Nutshell.” An easy day excursion from Oslo, this is a best one-day look at fjords. Trains, buses and ferries are organized to maximize the travel experience. If you make it to Oslo and you do not experience Norway’s majestic fiords, then you might as well say you have not been to Norway.

Norway in a nutshell is available as a day tour or with overnight stays en route. The round-trip tour can be started in Oslo, Bergen, Voss or Flåm, no matter the season, in winter, spring, summer and fall. Pressed for time, travelers can experience the entire route in a day; with more time, consider an overnight along the fjord or in Bergen.

Flåm RailwayEvery morning, Norway’s most spectacular train leaves Oslo around 8a.m. As the train journeys along Norway’s mountain spine, glaciers, ancient forest and countless lakes fill the windows of the passenger cars. The train journey crosses 300 bridges and 200 tunnels, making this a true engineering marvel, and making you wish you had packed more memory cards.

Kjosfossen WaterfallAt the town of Myrdal, you change trains and board The Flåm Railway line. This is a spectacular rail journey where within a one-hour period you travel from the mountains at Myrdal down to the the Sognefjord (Norway’s longest and deepest fjords) and the town of Flåm. This is a tourist train. The engineer will even stop the train for photographs at Kjosfossen waterfall.


From Flåm, one boards a ferry for one of the most scenic cruises. As you glide past waterfalls where mountains and sea come together, you can relax and take it all in. SongnefjordThe ferry floats up one fjord and down the next until you reach your destination of Gudvangen, where waiting tour buses will shuttle you back to the main train line in Voss. At Voss you can continue on to Bergen or return back to the capital of Oslo, now with the confidence that you have seen the real Norway.

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